The company “Anaptyxis Group” is based in Epirus and operates in the wider area of Greece. It is a new company founded by renowned IT executives with a common vision and purpose, the provision and promotion of IT, Electronic Communications and Digital Culture. Our purpose is to effectively contribute to the modernization and development of our customers, by offering a high level of services, modern systems and integrated solutions.

The company “Anaptyxis Group” utilizes the technology and know-how that has been developed in recent years, by a team of well-trained professionals. The company focuses on the continuous development of its services in order to always be ahead of the market and to ensure the best result for its customers. The philosophy of our company is to respond with complete solutions to the business needs of our partners, demonstrating strategies and proposals in the most complete and detailed way.

The company “Anaptyxis Group” consists of executives with many years of experience, knowledge and excellent technological and scientific training, able to meet the needs of the market. The selection of staff has been done through a well-designed process that seeks and locates people with strong cognitive background, excellent formal qualifications, ability and creativity, flexibility and ingenuity, discipline and practicality. People who are able to transfer their knowledge and experience for the benefit of customers.

Assuming high quality criteria, the company “Anaptyxis Group” addresses all companies that want to take advantage of the possibilities of the Internet and online advertising in order to turn technology one of their most important business tools.

The company provides modern, flexible and friendly digital communication services, special solutions and applications that are tailored to the needs of each customer, no matter how complex they are. The quality of the services provided is based on the high level of organization and the significant experience we have gained so far, as well as the flexible and friendly mode of operation that we have adopted.

In order to best meet all the needs of our customers, our renowned executives are able to offer you a full range of high quality services.

We are at your disposal for all your technological activities

Modern technologies for the internet
Using the most modern tools, we guarantee the best possible operation of your business online presence.
Modern Design
We build websites with modern design and high development standards, for the modern internet.
Interactive Solutions
We create applications and software, compatible with all modern devices, offering solutions through interactivity.
Technical Support
We know very well that the most complete computerization as well as the ideal website is incomplete without proper and regular maintenance and technical support.

We are here to upgrade the digital presence of your business

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation and Responsibility.