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The company VASILEIOU SP. LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (L.P) with the distinctive title “Anaptyxis Group” was established with the aim of providing consulting services to private and public enterprises, on issues related to investment – development programs. More specifically, the main object of this company is the elaboration of technoeconomical studies in the framework of European and national programs by entrepreneurs who want to invest in their companies maximizing their benefits.

“Anaptyxis Group” company consists of experienced and capable economists, with knowledge and experience in compiling technoeconomical studies. The company, having a number of external collaborators, highly trained and specialized scientists (engineers, environmentalists, accountants, lawyers, university professors, etc.) offers complete solutions to potential investors, giving them the opportunity to participate in all the programs they meet the requirements for.

The goal of the company “Anaptyxis Group” is to offer the knowledge of its executives for the benefit of customers – investors, so that they have the opportunity to continuously develop their business activities, according to the new opportunities offered through national and community funds. The vision of the company “Anaptyxis Group” is the sustainable development of entrepreneurship throughout Greece.

The company “Anaptyxis Group” offers the possibility of recognizing the opportunities for financing investment projects by companies, through national or European programs, actions and initiatives, bank loans and Venture Capital companies, but also monitoring and managing investment projects.

Services Provided (Business Activities):

  • Development Law Studies – Technoeconomical Studies
  • Supervision – Project Management
  • Research and experimental development services in economics
  • Adult education services and other education services
  • Market research and public opinion polls (Statistics – Industry Studies)
  • Business and management consulting activities
  • Other professional internet – computers related services
  • Management activities of holding companies

The company “Anaptyxis Group” provides consulting services and studies addressed to companies and organizations seeking their organizational upgrade through the development and implementation of modern Organization and Management systems.

The company “Anaptyxis Group” is active in Management Consulting services for which it has many years and very important experience, covering a wide range of business activities throughout Greece.

It is staffed by consultants with high scientific training, extensive experience and professional knowledge that ensure the effectiveness of the services provided by the company.

The policy of the company “Anaptyxis Group” is based on the provision of high level and quality consulting services through the continuous support and service of the needs of its customers.

The policy of the company is ensured through the continuous transfer and development of know-how, modernization and ensuring valuable collaborations.

The company philosophy is based on the following basic principles: Quality of Services, Consistency, Efficiency and Loyalty to customers.

The primary goals of the company Anaptyxis Group are:

  • The creation of added value and the transfer of know-how to its customers
  • The best possible customer satisfaction and ensuring their loyalty and long-term cooperation with the company
  • The continuous monitoring of its processes with the aim of their faithful implementation and the continuous improvement of the provided services
  • The satisfaction of the staff in terms of the working environment and the continuous improvement of its training level
  • Its close monitoring and research

The company “Anaptyxis Group” offers its services in the identification of opportunities and in the elaboration of studies in order to finance the technological, investment and research activities of companies in the framework of national or European programs, actions and initiatives, bank loans and Venture Capital companies, but also in the monitoring and management of investment projects on behalf of companies, institutions and organizations. More specifically, the services offered by the company in the Financial and Research Technology programs cover, among others, the following fields:

  • New Development Law – Greece Strong Growth
  • Financing programs
  • Development Law 4399/16
  • Community Initiatives: INTERREG, LEADER, EQUAL, URBAN, etc.
  • Financing from Venture Capitals, Seed Capital Fund, Incubators, etc.
  • Techno-economic studies of loans






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