What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored in our browser (eg Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), while browsing the Internet, either from our computer, mobile phone or tablet. The information stored on our devices may contain information such as which pages we have visited, as well as the date and time of our visit to that site. In no case do Cookies store personal information of the visitor.

Why we use Cookies

We use Cookies to improve your experience on our website “https://anaptyxis.eu/en/anaptyxis-group/“. In addition, Cookies help us to see the performance and traffic of our website, in order to improve it, adding new content.

Basic types of cookies

Below we present three basic types of cookies.

  • Functionality cookies
    Cookies used for the functionality of a website allow users to interact with the site and store their preferences, such as language selection, as well as retaining information about a user’s session, such as the contents of a shopping cart.
  • Advertising cookies
    Ad Cookies are used to store data that helps personalize ads, limit ad impressions, and measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign.
  • Analysis cookies
    These Cookies are stored by traffic analysis programs of the website. They collect data that enables webmasters to understand how users interact with the site, in order to improve the content and enhance the user experience.

Which Cookies do we use

Our website uses Analysis Cookies, through the Google Analytics service, in order to upgrade the user experience. The non-acceptance of these cookies does not affect your visit to our website.