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Through research and studies on the structure of your business, we initialize our business plan.
The necessary economic and technical analysis leads us to the success of each investment.
Through our experience and judgment we make the right decisions to steer your business right.
Our original purpose. The final step in launching your business to the top.

We plan together

The growth of your business

The philosophy of the company Anaptyxis Group is based on the following basic principles: 

  • Quality of Services
  • Consistency
  • Effectiveness and Loyalty to customers

Primary purposes of the company Anaptyxis Group are:

  • The creation of added value and the transmission of know-how to its customers
  • The most complete possible customer satisfaction and ensuring their loyalty and long-term cooperation with the Company
  • The continuous monitoring of its processes with the aim of their faithful implementation and the continuous improvement of the provided services
  • The satisfaction of the staff in terms of the working environment and the the continuous improvement of their training level

The Company “Anaptyxis Group” offers its services to the recognition of opportunities and the compiling of studies with purpose the finance of the technological, investment and research activities of businesses in the context of national or European programs, actions and initiatives, bank loans and Venture Capital companies, but also in the monitoring and management of investment projects on behalf of businesses, enitities and organizations. More specifically, the services offered by the Company in the Financial and Research Technological programs, cover among others, the following fields:


  • ESPA Programs
  • Development Law 4887/2022
  • Community Initiatives: LEADER, INTERREG etc.
  • Financing from Venture Capitals, Seed Capital Fund, Incubators, etc.
  • Techno-economic studies of loans


Below you will find the list of the most recent active programs.

We are at your disposal to solve any of your questions regarding the ESPA programs.


We support new and existing businesses in improving marketing, with our final goal to boost their sales.

Our services refer to the optimization of the business identity, the sales targeting, the design of monitoring and evaluation tools, the selection of appropriate marketing programs, etc.

The intensive and multi-year specialization of the executives of Anaptyxis Group in matters of analysis of the daily but also strategic needs of dozens of small, medium and large enterprises, all sectors of processing, commerce and services, is the basis for the successful participation of companies in financial programs, in order to improve competitiveness, to promote technological research, to promote innovation, and to enter the new e-business economy. Necessary condition for their participation in the various financial programs is the fulfillment of a series of eligibility criteria, which are related to factors such as:


  • The financial picture of the business
  • The lifespan of the business
  • The immediate and broader needs of the business over a period of at least 3 years
  • The integrated nature of the investments the business wants to implement in context of the financing programs
  • The effects that the participation of the company in a specific financial program will have, whether they are related to its financial situation, the expansion of its business activity, the development and growth of its products and services, taking into account the wider Greek, European and business development.

In particular, Anaptyxis Group takes on the preparation of the dossier for the inclusion of the proposed business plans in specific Operational Programs, which is analyzed in a complete range of services that includes the following:

  • Preparation of a plan for writing down the technological and operational needs of the company, taking into account the level of necessity.
  • Presentation of a plan of possible scenarios participating in financial programs, taking into account the consequences that will possibly arise.
  • Compilation, editing, and presentation of all financial and technical data of the study (Techno-economic study).
  • Monitoring the evaluation process of the dossier until the final approval.


  • Evaluation of structure and functionality
  • Detection of malfunctions
  • Organization chart
  • Processes Redesign
  • Documents
  • Task Descriptions
  • Internal Rules of Operation
  • Internal Control Regulation


  • Processes
  • Documents
  • Labour legislation
  • Code of Conduct
  • Training planning
  • Remuneration system – productivity incentives
  • Evaluation systems
  • Techniques for improving intra-company communication
  • Developing a spirit of cooperation


  • Processes
  • Documents
  • Labour legislation
  • Code of Conduct
  • Training planning
  • Remuneration system – productivity incentives
  • Evaluation systems
  • Techniques for improving intra-company communication
  • Developing a spirit of cooperation

The range of services provided by the specialized executives of Anaptyxis Group, is not limited only to the affiliation decision of companies, but also includes the proper implementation of their approved business plans in accordance with the specifications and requirements of this Financing Program. More specifically:

  • Supervision for on-time submission of all required forms (progress – completion reports) and supporting documents, according to the specifications of the project management body.
  • Assisting the company executives in monitoring the achievement of business plan objectives
  • Representation of the company to the autopsies, in order to check the implementation of the business plan
  • Assisting the executives of the company, in the preparation and submission of the necessary documentation for the autopsy of the project, as well as the disbursement of the subsidy installments
  • Assisting the departments of the company in the preparation and submission of the necessary documentation of any changes that may arise and which may lead in a revision of the business plan, in cooperation with the management body of the program


We have been cooperating for two decades with many companies throughout Greece, with success rates that reach the absolute.
We always strive for the best possible result, in order to provide each of our customers with the best possible result.
The growth of your business is achieved with confidence through the company “Anaptyxis Group“.



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