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The company VASILEIOU SP. LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (L.P) with the distinctive title “Anaptyxis Group” provides consulting services in the field of environmental studies and projects and is distinguished for the high quality and reliability of its work.


With the priority of ensuring environmental permits, application of modern environmental management methods, quality assurance systems (ISO – EMAS standards), sustainable development, the use of new technologies, rural development and participation in innovative programs, the company covers a wide range of requirements of the private and public sector.


The PURPOSE of the company “Anaptyxis Group” is the immediate service and satisfaction of customer needs, with complete and effective solutions to the ever-increasing environmental requirements of the market. Equipped with the specialization, know-how and high level of continuous training of its executives, combined with the excellent collaborative climate, the company ensures the quality of its services.


The POLICY of the company “Anaptyxis Group” is based on the provision of high quality consulting and technical services, in order to integrate environmental protection as a functional feature of companies, thus enhancing productivity, professional prestige and competitiveness of companies in the market.

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