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In Anaptyxis Group
you will find the know-how through the right business plan
that your company needs to reach the top.


The company VASILEIOU SP. LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (L.P) with the distinctive title “Anaptyxis Group” was established with the aim of providing consulting services to private entrepreneurs, on issues related to development programs and subsidies.


More specifically, the main object of this company is the elaboration of techno economic studies in the framework of subsidized programs by entrepreneurs who want to invest in their businesses in order to maximize their benefits.


We initialize our business plan through research and studies of the structure of your business.



The necessary techno economic analysis leads us to the success of each investment.


Through our experience and our judgment we make the right decisions to steer your business properly.


Our initial goal.
The final step in launching your business to the top.


“Anaptyxis Group” company consists of experienced and capable economists, with knowledge and experience in compiling technoeconomical studies. The company, having a number of external collaborators, highly trained and specialized scientists (engineers, environmentalists, accountants, lawyers, university professors, etc.) offers complete solutions to potential investors, giving them the opportunity to participate in all the programs they meet the requirements for.

Technoeconomical Studies 95%
Enviromental Studies 90%
Digital impact 99%
Subsidies 100%
  • Studies concerning the Development Law – Technoeconomical Studies
  • Supervision – Project Management
  • Research and experimental development services in economics
  • Adult education services and other education services
  • Market research and public opinion polls (Statistics – Industry Studies)
  • Business and management consulting activities
  • Other professional internet related services – computers
  • Management activities of holding companies
  • Digital presence
  • Internet marketing
  • Websites
  • e-Shops
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Google Ads Campaigns
  • Business Software
  • Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:15)
  • Environmental Management and Control Systems (ISO 14001)
  • Product Safety and Hygiene Management Systems (ISO 22000)
  • Environmental Licensing Studies
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Waste Management – Disposal Studies
  • Renewable Energy Studies
  • New Farmers Settlement Support Programs
  • Agricultural Improvement Plans
  • Rural Development Programs
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